Hip Dislocation Specialist in Kirkland, WA

A dislocation of the hip occurs when the femur slips out of its socket within the pelvis. Dr. Nathaniel Wingert is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience diagnosing and treating hip injuries and disorders. To request a consultation with Dr. Wingert, call his orthopedic surgery office in Kirkland at (425) 823-4000 or his Seattle office at (206) 326-3000.

Potential Causes

This particular type of dislocation usually requires a great amount of force to be exerted upon the area, as the hip joint is held stable by lots of surrounding ligaments and muscular tissue. Common events leading to this type of injury include:

  • Car accident
  • Serious fall
  • Sports incident such as a tackle

Of course, hip dislocations will be more likely to happen if an individual has previously dislocated their hip before. The more times that a hip dislocation occurs, the weaker the muscles surrounding the femur and pelvis become, and the more difficulty they have in holding the hip in place.

Treatment for a Dislocated Hip

It is advised to seek immediate medical attention as soon as you suspect that your hip has been dislocated. Due to the nature of a dislocation, you should be instantly aware that your leg is no longer in its proper position, as it will likely have a strange look and be accompanied by a fair amount of pain.

Once the joint has been resituated by a trained professional, you will most likely be told to wear a brace in order to properly support the hip and keep it from dislodging itself again.

It is always imperative for the patient to get a proper amount of rest. This will be critical in allowing the site to heal, and to prevent further injury. Other best practices for recovering from a hip dislocation are:

  • Applying ice to the area for 10-15 minutes at a time
  • Elevating the leg
  • Immobilizing the joint as much as possible
  • Using approved exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip

Further Treatment

Additional assistance from Dr. Wingert may be necessary if the joint shows signs of circulatory problems, or if your bone is believed to be broken. Imaging tests such as x-rays or an MRI will help to determine the full extend of the individual’s injury, which will ultimately decide the ideal course of treatment.

Request a Hip Dislocation Treatment Consultation

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